Red Rock Summer


Oil Painting Lesson

85 Minute Video

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Everyone loves the summer months, swimming ,fishing, hiking, all kinds of outdoor activities.

Red Rock Summer has that small little shack you would like to go to and camp,just to get away from everyday life.

Purchase DVD, Digital Copy, or Digital Rental?

There are good things about purchasing a Digital Copy.

1.► The online versions of our lessons never expire, you can login any time from anywhere on almost any device and watch them.

2.► They do not take up any space because of the virtual nature of the product so no more risk of scratching your DVDs.

3.► There is no need for shipping when you purchase the online version, you get to enjoy watching it immediately, the directions will be sent in the email receipt.

4.► Most of My online painting lessons are shown in HD quality especially all of the new releases!

Digital Rentals,  are perfect for art students that are ready to paint as soon as the purchase is made. You do not have to return the rental soon as the time expires on the rental after (3 days) access to the video is removed automatically. No late fees or extra charges :-). You can always rent any video lesson again, at any time.

DVD, If you like to have a copy to hold in your hand then this is the best way to go. It takes a little time to get through the mail but the DVD is a great choice they have interactive menus, say your are painting and have to stop for a bit.

Then when you come back you can skip from one part of the painting to where you left off with ease. They are great for view offline  if you want to get away from the computer and just paint! pop the disc in the DVD player and away you go.

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