Deluxe Palette Knife


Durable painting knife!
Wooden Handle, Metal Blade!
Great for Painting or Mixing!

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Deluxe Palette Knife•Mixing and Painting

The Deluxe Palette Knife is great for painting, unlike the small palette knife and the large knife it offers an extra edge, located on the top of the knife.

it is like having three knives in one great to add to your collection of  palette knives, paint mountains, trees, rocks, etc… You can do entire paintings with the deluxe painting knife!

The Deluxe Palette Knife has a lot of hidden tricks it is up to you to unlock them 🙂

• It has three painting edges

• It can be used to paint with

• It can be used to mix paint

• It is light weight

• If taken care of will last for years


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