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Frequently Asked Questions • And Answers

Q. How do I watch a digital video or pay per view after purchase?

A. ►  After you purchase a lesson in digital format, login to tvpainter.com  after a successful login a menu link will appear “my purchased lessons” click that link it will take you to the video library of lessons you have purchased. As you purchase more lessons the library will grow, you can login anytime and watch purchased lessons.

Note: Digital Rentals- expire after 3 days.

Q.  How do I find your painting products on this website?

A. ► Use the main menu that is located to the left of each page on the website, click on the category you want to explore. such as painting lessons, artist brushes,eBooks, etc..

Q. How can I find out what lessons are going to be available throughout the year?

A. ► Click on the menu link titled “Coming This Year” it has a list of the video lessons I have produced and the dates they will be available.

Q. What products do you sell?

A. ► We sell art lessons in the following formats (On Demand Streaming, Digital Download, DVD, eBooks, Pay Per View) (On demand streaming and digital download are available in the same purchase.)

We also sell Artist Brushes, Oil paints.

I do have some of my oil paintings listed for sale look under the gallery link on the main menu.

Q. Do you ship outside of the USA?

A. ► Yes we do ship outside of the USA please contact me if you have any questions?

Q. I live outside the USA, if I order one or more of your DVDs will they play on my DVD player?

A. ► Yes as long as your countries format supports NTSC or PAL you can look up your countries DVD format using this LINK

How to download your purchased digital videos to an Apple mobile device, IPAD,IPOD,IPHONE, etc..

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