Well it is August 2015 and we are already in the middle of the month, WOW! time flies by.

Some quick updates on what is happening

First- I had the pleasure of meeting a great writer, I was a vendor at a festival earlier this year. A customer purchased a painting from me, Beauty-Fall.
Later he wrote me asking to use the painting for the cover of his book “Circles of Fate”. I was excited but humbled at the same time, I want to say thank you to Mitch Lits for sharing my artwork on his book cover! This book is part 1 of Destiny’s Call Trilogy be sure to check it out if you get a chance, I already purchased my copy. Circles of Fate.

Also this month I will be releasing a new video soon hopefully? lol it is a 4 painting lesson it will be about 2 hours or more of video when completed. so stay tuned for this new release.michaels-minatures

I hope you have a blessed and wonderful day,

Michael Thompson

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