Hey, hope all is well I am posting a new painting today I know I did not post last months painting but will soon it is at a local gallery and I do not have a good photo of it at the moment, I will put it up in the blog here later in the month. 🙂 anyway here is what we painted this month I will list the colors we used below hope you enjoy. This Original Painting is for sale to inquire contact me, the size is 20×16, oil on canvas. Signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

 If you want to give it a shot, here is a list of the colors I used :

1.Kolbalt Blue
2.Titanium White
3.Sky Blue
4.Burnt Sienna
5.Yellow Ochre
6.Vandyke Brown
7.Carmine Red
8.Lemon Yellow
9.Indian Yellow

Brushes used: Purchase these brushes here.
Liner Brush
Fan Brush
1 Inch Brush
2 Inch Brush
Filbert Brush
Palette Knife

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