Colors: Titanium White, Cerulean Blue Ivory Black, Vandyke Brown, Vermilion Red, Lemon Yellow

Brushes: 1 Inch Landscape Brush, Fan Brush, Script Liner, Palette Knife, Filbert

Other: Base White Medium, Linseed Oil

The canvas has a thin coat of base white medium before I started painting.

To learn more about base white medium Click Here 

Step 1. I started using Cerulean Blue for the sky color, I left some open areas for the clouds,applied it with
a 1 inch brush.

Step 2. Next I added the clouds with a fan brush using Titanium

Step 3. Adding a little amount of Black to make Grey for the bottom
of the clouds.

click on images to enlarge.


Step 4. Then I mixed black white and blue to get this mountain
mixture using the Filbert brush I painted in the shapes of the

Step 5. Mixing Vermillion Red and Lemon Yellow I made this orange color
and applied it with the Filbert also.

Step 6. before you start adding all bushes and trees below it is a good idea to paint some water in so that you do not have to try and add it later it is much easier to do it now.  Using the same blue as you did for the sky Cerulean blue, paint horizontal strokes to paint where the water will be. Only a small amount will show in the finished painting.

Step 7. I added the bush shapes using a 1 inch brush and a mixture of Vandyke Brown and black.


Step 8. Using a Liner Brush thin down part of  the mixture you used
to make the bushes  using linseed oil or thinner, the consistency
be thin like water. Load the brush and paint in the tree shapes.

Step 9. Now  mix Sap Green, Lemon Yellow, apply the highlights to
Bush shapes using a clean 1 inch brush. Mix Vermillion and a small
Amount of  Titanium White to  paint some of the bushes, adding
More white will give you different variations.

Step 10.  using the colors you painted the bush highlights paint in the reflection, gently pull the color down using very, very little pressure, now  with the same amount of pressure pull your brush strokes horizontal to simply diffuse the color  to much pressure will destroy.


Step 11. Mix lemon yellow & Sap Green and tap on the foliage for the trees.

Step 12. Mix Vandyke Brown and Ivory Black load the 1 inch brush
By tapping the color into the bristles. Then tap the dark color onto the canvas to create the lay of the land keeping your angles horizontal. Then turning the end of the brush vertical to tap in the bush shapes. Remember make sure you have enough paint on your brush.

Step 13. Now to highlight the foreground grass and bushes, mix
Lemon Yellow & Sap Green, add a couple drops of thinner or
linseed oil to thin the paint down. Now with light pressure tap on
the highlight color, holding the brush the same way as when you
created the lay of the land.

Step 14. now to build the little house I used a mixture of Vandyke Brown and a small amount of black lay in the shape of the house using the knife. After you get your house base dark color on, using the same mixture divide it into two piles add Titanium White to both piles of paint, make one lighter than the other. Click here to watch a sample video of me building house with the knife.


Think about the way the light is hitting in the painting apply the
darker color to the side with the shadows, then add the lighter color
To the side where the light would hitting, use the short edge of the
knife to cut out the windows and the door, add a little Lemon Yellow
for the light in the windows then use the knife edge with the dark
mixture to create the window panes. Mix Vermillion Red and a drop
Vandyke Brown, use the short edge of the knife for this also.

Step 15. Use the knife to scratch out where your path will be

 Step 16. Using Vandyke Brown load the knife and place where the path will be, then come back with a mixture of Vandyke Brown and Titanium White slightly mixed and highlight where the path is.

Step 17. Use a Fan Brush to paint in the tree trunk, using Vandyke Brown add Titanium White to the color to give highlights.


 Step 18. Mix Sap Green with small amount of Lemon Yellow to get the green foliage on the foreground tree.

Step 19. Now Mix Cerulean Blue with least amount of Vermillion you
Want this color to be more on the blue side of purple. Now using the
Tip of the fan brush paint the wisteria on the tree, make sure your
Brush has plenty of paint in the bristles and is thinned slightly.

Step 20. Finishing up paint in the grass and the foreground bushes
the same way we did in the earlier steps. Now sign your painting!
I hope this short tutorial has helped guide you through a colorful little

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