How To Make  And Apply • The Base White Medium For Wet On Wet Painting

Often I get question about the medium used in wet on wet painting, it is called various names through different manufacturers, Alexander calls it Magic White, Bob Ross calls it Liquid White, and so on it is basically a thinned down white oil paint.

You can use different kinds of methods to make your on base medium,  I use a simple mixture of Titanium White and Linseed Oil, of course you can use a different type of oil, I use linseed oil because that’s what I have on hand if I had safflower oil I would use that,  there are several types of medium to use but linseed oil keeps the medium wet longer than just adding paint thinner to your paint.

Applying The Base White Medium Before You Start Painting.

• This video shows you how to apply a base white medium to the canvas or whatever surface you are using.

• You can make this medium by mixing  Titanium White oil paint and linseed oil, use the linseed oil to get the paint ultra creamy.

• Let’s say you want to use a clear medium base instead of a white medium base,  I simply use Linseed oil or again you could use Safflower Oil. Caution remember to use a paper towel to wipe over the canvas to remove the excess clear medium, or your paint will run off the canvas.

• 1. Here is how to get started use a one or two-inch brush, apply a thin even coat onto the surface you are going to be painting on.

• 2. Next let’s check and see if you have got enough or too much base medium on the canvas, here is the easiest way look at your canvas from the side so the light will glare  you want to see if the canvas is shiny all over with the paint you just applied, now look to see if you see the texture of the canvas, if you do see the texture,then you are good to go! if you see thick brush strokes then you have too much and need to remove the excess with a paper towel. One other thing, having not applied enough medium is just as bad as applying too much, less can make it just as difficult for the paint to flow, touch the surface with your finger tip if it looks like speckles you may not have enough, just simply add a small amount till you get enough.

• 3. Enjoy the video.


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